Text Box: INETCON at a Glance


      INETCON is a conglomerate of companies with 18 years of experience in the fields of Industry, Electricity, Construction, Telecommunications and Maintenance.


      INETCON is based out of Miami, Florida with subsidiaries in 4 countries (Guatemala, Honduras, Panama and Belize) and provides services in various sectors.

      Our quality standard is based on the premise that all projects must be worked-on only once, avoiding costly revisions and further adjustments.  With this in mind we can accomplish maximum reliability and quality in the least amount of time and cost.

Contact us:


8424 NW 56th street

Suite #3230

Miami, FL 33166

Phone: (786) 623-3794

Fax: (786) 623-3794

E-mail: info@inetconsa.com